Thursday, April 13, 2017

List of stall bedding options

Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell all of you the different bedding options that are available to you. I have tried quite a few over the years and got multiple kinds sometimes. I learned that some work better for different reasons and some others are better for different uses all together. Here I will list my tops choices and what I thought about them. The best thing to do is just try some yourself and see what fits you the best.

1. Wood shavings.

These are probably the most popular form of bedding that you will find at any farm store and can be used for several types of livestock or small animals. This bedding is very good with absorbing up any liquid, but it is very hard to pick up solids without taking a lot of the bedding in the fork and dumping it with the rest of the used bedding. It is very good as a starter or if you can afford purchasing lots of bags a month.

2. Straw

Straw is another good one to have if you want it to be absorbent. Just like the shavings, it is very difficult to pick up the dirty areas without getting the clean stuff in your fork as well. I worked at a stable that used straw for bedding in some of the stalls and it was very difficult to clean up well. The whole stall should probably be cleaned fully out every other week, so it doesn't get too gross and unhealthy for your horse.