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Through my experience and life with horses, I have had to try a lot of products for both my horse and I. I'm sure probably many of you have gone through the same thing and tried many products and either found the best fit for you or you’re still looking for a better option or one that is proven to work and is liked by the horse and yourself.  I am going to be sharing with you a few products that I love and would recommend to all my fellow horse lovers and their horses. 

For Western rider’s cowboy boots are a big deal and they are essential. I know I have searched many places for a boot that would fit me just right and fit the type of use I will be needing them for while riding and playing around in the barn. My first pair of boots broke apart and slowly started to deteriorate. Eventually I had to many holes in them to use any longer, so it was time to get a new pair. I decided to get a pair of boots that was from the brand Ariat. This is a boot and clothing brand that is very well known in the horse world. I would strongly recommend this brand of boots to anyone. I have had them for over four years and they still are water proof and holding up very well. The bottom of the boots is rubber, so they aren't going to wear out like my other boots did, which were a type of wood bottom. After getting these boots, I have fallen in love with this company. When show season came around, I decided I needed to get a pair of show boots that would match my black chaps.  I found a pair of Ariat black Fatbaby boots that worked out perfect for what I was looking for and what I needed. I have used these boots in several shows and they have not fallen apart or have barely any wear at all. These boots are expensive, so don't be surprised if you have to pay over a hundred dollars for a pair of these boots. They are an expensive purchase no matter where you go, but from experience this is the brand that I have gotten the most for my money. It's better to get a pair that will last you for years than a pair that will only last you a few months until they will need to be replaced. So, for anyone who is in search of a pair of western boots or wants to know a great brand to check out, please consider Ariat, because they will not disappoint you.

Saddles are another huge purchase that takes a lot of research and personal preference to come up with a perfect fit for you and your horse. My parents purchased my first saddle when I was thirteen years old. It was a used western barrel saddle purchased at the horse supply store, Pards, in Champaign, IL.  The brand is a Billy Cook western barrel saddle and I got it used for a little over $700, which is very reasonable for this brand. Even though they may be a bit more expensive, this brand is worth the price. When I first got the saddle, I didn't know very much about this company. After some research, I began to love it more and more every day. I still own this saddle to this day and still ride in it every so often. It has been with me through many falls and good rides. I've made some of the best memories on it and it has carried me through so much. Through all the beating I have put the poor little saddle through, it still gives me the best ride every time. I would recommend this saddle and the brand to everyone and all my horse friends. The saddle is very well made and hasn’t had any issues over the ten years that I have had it and it was used when I bought it. If you are looking for a very durable saddle to do all your ranch work, trail riding, or just riding around for fun, I strongly recommend a saddle from this brand. You will not be disappointed. Here is a link to a website that sells these saddles,

My final products that I want to recommend to all of you to go out and purchase is a good helmet. A helmet is one of the most important items you should wear while riding. There are riders who ever wear a helmet or only do when they have to, but I am a big advocate that everyone should wear one every time they are on a horse. I have heard so many stories and have had people that I am personally close to have had injuries from now wearing a helmet or were saved from further injury because of the helmet. I got my first riding helmet around the same time I got my saddle. It wasn't a very expensive helmet and after a few years it cracked and I had to search for a new one. I knew I wanted a nicer one that would last me a little longer than my other helmet did. I stumbled across an Ovation Protege Helmet in green and it was exactly what I was looking for in a helmet. My favorite things regarding this helmet is the ability to adjust the tightness by a knob in the back. This helps to make sure you have a secure fit and it doesn't move around while you are riding. Another thing that I love is that it comes lower in the back to have more support and protection for the lower part of the head towards the neck. It makes me feel more secure when doing fast paced events or jumping where I am more likely to fall if I am not careful. This brand and helmet I would recommend to everyone, especially if you are thinking of getting into any eventing or speed events. Again, I strongly encourage everyone to get a helmet and ride in it every time. Helmets save lives and it is best to have a good one. Getting this helmet would be one of your best purchases with horses. You will not regret it. I will provide a link to the brands website and to the helmet I purchased, and

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