Horses Are My Life Black Cap With Patch

Hello to all my fellow horse enthusiasts!

If you have been looking for a perfect gift for a special someone or your just looking for a new horse crazy product for yourself, then you have come to the right place. I would like to tell you about an amazing item that will surely satisfy your need for new horse themed apparel. The item I am selling is "Horses Are My Life Black Cap with Patch". An extremely durable that can fit both men and women easily. This baseball hat is perfect for any equestrian and is great for anyone who just loves horses. This product will make a strong statement and keep you looking sharp in any outfit while also keeping the sun out of your eyes. It is super easy to make this product your own by purchasing it at my Cafe Press shop. Here is the link to the product so you can check it out.

If you have ever been to a horse show or been around horses, you probably know that most of the time you will be in the excruciatingly hot sun. Especially in the summer months when it gets really hot and sunny. All types of riders from English to western, from trail riders to hunter under saddle show riders, need to have a good stylish baseball hat. One that will keep the sun out of their eyes whether they are working out in their own pasture or if they are sitting and waiting for their next show class. Having a durable and well-made hat is crucial for any horse owner. It needs to stay on in winds,   

The hat is in a baseball hat style and is an unstructured 100% brushed cotton canvas Baseball Cap, which is very beneficial to horseman, because it not only keeps the sun out of their eyes, but it is also a great way to keep your hair down and out of your face. Great for bad hair days. It is perfect for days when you do not have the time or energy to do anything with your hair. When you are around horses, you want your hair away from your face anyway so you can see and it does not get in the way.  

It is has an adjustable hook/loop tape closure adjusts from 20" to 24" to be able to fit various heads sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit for you. This allows it to be easily adjustable and fit the head of both men and women. The crown measures about 3 1/4", which also makes it a great hat for any adult. This product has a low profile brim with sweatband. This make it stylish, but also is functional which helps riders in the hot summer weather.

If you get the hat dirty in any way, which is kind of hard not to do around horses and the farm, but you don't need to worry at all, because washing this hat is super simple and easy to do for anyone. All you will need to do is hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Just scrub the dirty area until it looks clean and then you will need to let it hang dry. This will leave your hat looking as good as new and will help it stay looking nice for years to come.

The permanently adhered white polyester patch makes it easy to see the cute lettering on the hat while also creating a very attractive focal point in the center of the hat. The lettering on the patch is a beautiful and elegant cursive that says Horses are my Life. This style and font is more of a style directed towards a women's preference, so it would be best for any female equestrian in your life.

The price is set at $17.99, which is not a bad deal for such a unique design for a hat. Therefore, you are getting great value for this item and it will last you for many years to come. You will not regret the decision of purchasing this wonderful hat. The writing on the hat is something will be unique to you and give you a way to express your love for horses to everyone around you. 

I promise that this will be the best hat, and purchase you will make to help you have the best time outdoors with your horses. Working with horses is a lot of outdoor work, and being able to see without too much sun in your eyes is important. Hats are also very stylish with cowboy boots, so that is another good reason to wear a hat like this one. This hat has the cutest saying on it that will surely express the love you have for horses and it will let other people see it too.

I really encourage all of you to check out this amazing product and all the other ones I have to offer at my Cafe Press shop. I have necklaces, key-chains, and other fun things for sale. If you are or know someone who loves horses and everything about them, I strongly encourage you to get a gift they are going to love. I make sure that I know that my products created with only the best materials and will last a lifetime. If horses are special to you, then you should definitely make an effort to get some these cute and unique gifts to show it. Especially since these items are both practical and super cute and will sure be getting some great attention.

Here is the link to my shop where I know you will find something you will love or where you will find that perfect gift you have been looking for.

Please contact me on my blog through my contact page with any questions you have and I will include a link to my contact page as well. Thank you so much for checking out this amazing product and my shop. 

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