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Like many other people that own horses, I have tried out a lot of different products throughout my time of owning my own horses. There have been great finds, but also many returns or money spent to find the right one that works best As you grow as a horse owner and a improve in your riding skills, you will become wiser on what works best for you and your horse when it comes to the products that help with day to day life and riding. I have tried multiple brands and types of similar products and I hope to share with you the kinds that worked best for me and I have had great success with over the years.

The first item that I would like to mention that I have fallen in love with for my horse. They are leg wraps by the well-known brand, Professional's Choice. The kind that I purchased for my horses several years ago from the Illinois Horse Fair were the VenTech™ Elite Value Pack, which is a pack that Includes two front and two rear boots. Unlike some other boots that you can purchase that only have limited protection around the leg, this b lets you give your horse all-around protection from sports medicine boots at a substantial savings. What makes this product unique from some others, and in my opinion better than a lot of products out there in the market, is that the boots are made of limestone-based neoprene that won't crack or crumble and returns to its shape even after thousands of uses and years of constant wear. This aspect of the product alone is a major benefit with a product like this that you want to last for years to come. Depending on what pack you get, whether it includes two boots or all four, will obviously change the price you pay for this product. They also have variations on the features included in each style. Some boots have better water and sweat resistance, which can help keep your horse from chafing and sweating too much while doing endurance events for a long period of time.   For example, another type of boot that they offer is their Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots II. It doesn’t matter what discipline you are riding in, these boots will give your horse the support it needs without restricting its movement or creating a risk of dependency. This boot, along with a lot of their products, are also made of limestone-based neoprene, which in my opinion is a great reason to purchase them. This style of boots, unlike some others that are available come with the feature that is a signature for this brand, which is the UltraShock™ lining. This lining prevents the horse from feeling any intense impact or strain by making the boot shock protectant.  I paid around eighty dollars for the pack of four boots that I had purchased from the fair, but these prices vary by the retailer and style of boot that you are going to be getting. I didn’t notice until after the fact that I could have gotten the same boots somewhere else for at least ten dollars cheaper than what they marked it up for. Overall, I think this is a great purchase and worth the investment if you want to keep your horse safe and comfortable for years to come. I highly recommend it. Here is the link to the companies sight so you can see all of their products, I will always give you the direct link to the boots that I purchase,

My second product that I would like mention and tell all of you more about is the show shirts from Hobby Horse. Some of you may have heard of this brand or know of a brand like them. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about I will explain who they are, what they sell, and My experience and opinion about what I have gotten from there in the past. Hobby Horse is a mostly online based company that is known for their style of western show shirts. They also sell other items such as western and English tack, horse blanket, bridles of many disciplines, bits, show pants, and other horse and riding accessories. Although there main focus and market is for Western riding that want to show their horses, Hobby Horse also sells some English tack and apparel. English requires far less variation in styles and colors, so there isn’t as much of a market for them. I used to get monthly catalogs from them that would show their latest styles and give advice on what colors will best work with your horse to add a professional look for you and your horse in the show ring. A few years ago, I was in need of a new show shirt for an upcoming show I had. I was riding a chestnut brown horse for that show and wanted a show shirt that was sparkly and colorful. I found the perfect one in a catalog I got from Hobby Horse a few weeks prior. It was a mixture of blues and blacks with glitter and rhinestones all over. It was perfect for what I was wanting. The sizing was true to what was labeled and it seems like it was made very well with good fabric. It didn’t take long for the shirt to be shipped to me, which I loved because of how quickly I needed it for my show. I still have it to this day and I wear it whenever I have a western show. I would strongly recommend this product and Brand to all of my friends who want to get in the show ring and need some apparel that will sure to get them some attention from the judges. I have had some great luck with this company and I’m sure you will too with your future purchases. Here is the link to their website, Here is the link to a shirt that looks like the one I got so you can have an idea of what they have available,

I hope I was able to help all of you make a decision when you are thinking about purchasing a products from either of these brands or just the products I mentioned. They are both credible companies and I would recommend them to anyone. 

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