Thursday, April 13, 2017

List of stall bedding options

Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell all of you the different bedding options that are available to you. I have tried quite a few over the years and got multiple kinds sometimes. I learned that some work better for different reasons and some others are better for different uses all together. Here I will list my tops choices and what I thought about them. The best thing to do is just try some yourself and see what fits you the best.

1. Wood shavings.

These are probably the most popular form of bedding that you will find at any farm store and can be used for several types of livestock or small animals. This bedding is very good with absorbing up any liquid, but it is very hard to pick up solids without taking a lot of the bedding in the fork and dumping it with the rest of the used bedding. It is very good as a starter or if you can afford purchasing lots of bags a month.

2. Straw

Straw is another good one to have if you want it to be absorbent. Just like the shavings, it is very difficult to pick up the dirty areas without getting the clean stuff in your fork as well. I worked at a stable that used straw for bedding in some of the stalls and it was very difficult to clean up well. The whole stall should probably be cleaned fully out every other week, so it doesn't get too gross and unhealthy for your horse.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My top three favorite breeds of horses

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Over the years, I have encountered and been around many different breeds and sizes of horses. Breeds have their own characteristics. Like the way they ride, their temperament, and how they need to look in the show ring. Everyone has his or her favorites, including me. I have my top three breeds, which are Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Appaloosa. I will explain a little bit about each.

Related image1. Quarter Horses are probably my number one favorites by far. I have owned two of this breed and I would get another one in a heartbeat. They come in mostly solid colors, except for a little coloring on their faces and legs. They are very smart and agile. They have the speed to do barrels and other speed events. They are great for ranch work, showing in various classes, and family trail rides. They really can be ridden in so many ways and with enough time, they can be the best partners.

Image result for paint horse2. Paint Horses are very similar to Quarter Horses in their build, temperament, and coloring.  Unlike Quarter Horses, Paints can come in color patterns other than solids. They can have patterns that are similar to some cows, so part of the horse could be white and other parts could be black, and this combination can come in several colors. They have an easygoing temperament and are good for anyone and for most disciplines.

Image result for appaloosa horse3. Appaloosas are by far the most colorful of the three that I am mentioning. They usually have a blanket of white over their rump that has the same color spots as the rest of their body. They are also sometimes covered in spots all over their body. They have a more spirited temperament than some other breeds, but after the trust is build, they can be calm companions.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Tail Extensions

Related image

A lot of you have probably noticed or wondered how most of the horses at a majority of the shows you have attended have very long, flawless looking tails. You might be wondering if these people know how to keep the tail looking nice, full, and long. You may be thinking there is something you can fees them or some wrap that will protect the tail from becoming damaged. While some of these techniques do work at keeping the tail healthy and strong. This is probably not the drastic difference you would be seeing at a show, what these perfect tails are a horse version of hair extensions. They are made of horsehair and come in many different colors and lengths. All you need to attach them is rubber bands to make a braid, then you will use the string to tie it into the braid and then you will need electrical tape to secure it. Keeping it hidden and looking natural can be a challenge depending on how thin you horses tail is. It is best to attach it as close and a little above the lowest point of the tailbone. Gently comb through the tail and make sure it does not show while the horse is moving around. Once you are sure it looks its best, you are ready for the show ring. This has almost become a requirement for shows today, especially the more elite ones. Therefore, if you plan on showing in any major shows, I would encourage you to purchase one of these as soon as you can before the show so you have time to practice putting it in. So if you plan on doing any showing, I would highly recommend you buy one of these for your horse. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Check Out These Products

This product is excellent for those of you who are wanting to train your own horse, teach your horse some new skills, or get rid of some of their bad habits that they developed. This information and training techniques are old manuscripts from a very famous horseman that this person has made available so you can now purchase and learn from the very best. By using these old-style techniques, it says that you can train your horse in hours when it would normally take you months or even years. So if you have a horse that you have been having trouble with, I would strongly recommend you check out this training material. Here is the link to his page where you can purchase this amazing material and manuscripts. Click Here!

A lot of you have probably heard of essential oils or the very popular brand of essential oils, doTERRA. Just like those oils that are used for human consumption and are safe to apply, these oils are specifically made for animals such as dogs, cats, and horses. They are made by veterinarians and are approved for animal consumption. They have one made for horses, and it is easy to give them to horses. They also mention that just because horses are large animals, it does not mean that they will need a larger dose. Instead they may be able to have the same size dose and it work the same. Here is the link to their site with more information on how to administer it to each horse and the dosage. Click Here!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Items for Sale

Hello everyone!

I have three amazing and unique products that any horse lover is sure to want. These items are available at my Cafe Press store, so please go check them out and I know you will love them. Here is the link to my shop:

I am selling a beautiful pendant that has a picture of a horse in the sun with its tongue out. This is for all those horse people that love the personalities that horses have and hoe funny they can be. It is set on a nice oval charm and an 18-inch brass chain.

Another item I have up on my store for sale is this very cute and pretty key-chain. It is a very neat little item where the charm is about .78" x .6". So it is a perfect size and isn't too heavy. The picture in the middle is of a rider and her horse riding along the road. They are riding in english, so this item would be perfect for any person you know that rides english or just loves horses. Having a key-chain is a great way to show your appreciation of these beautiful animals and a great gift for any of your friends and loved ones.

Here is another great product I am offering that none of you should miss out on. It is a well-made and durable black baseball cap that has a permanent white patch with, "Horses are my Life" written in a very elegant cursive lettering.  It makes for a great gift for any horse lovers of all riding styles.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Eventing (Horse Trials)

Some of you may be wondering what is eventing? What are the events that you will be doing with your horse? It is like an equestrian triathlon and I will give a brief explanation for each event. I hope this explanation will help you get an idea of what you can expect.

1. Dressage is the first event is done in an enclosed arena surrounded by some short white barriers. You will be riding your horse in a specified sequence of maneuvers that are smooth and uses a minimal number of cues to change direction or speed. The judge is looking for balance, rhythm, and that the horse is listening to the rider and they are moving with each other. This event is so important, because your horse needs to know how to move gracefully and listen to the cues you are giving.

2. The next event is cross-country where you will be riding your horse through long stretches of lawn with jumps along the way. There will be bushes, bodies of water, sand holes, logs, and other odd types of jumps that you may not see at a regular jumping show. This event takes a lot of trust between you and your horse and requires both of you to be physically fit. If the horse refuses a jump, then that is a penalty against your time. So, it is best that you practice cross-country courses prior to signing up for an event to get your horse used to this type of riding and jumping.

3. The final event is stadium or show Jumping. This is the type of jumping I have explained before and some of you have probably watched at an open show. It is done in a enclosed arena and there will be a pattern of jumps set up that you and your horse will have to get through without knocking down a jump, while keep good posture and riding well.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner

Hello everyone!

Image result for mane and tailI just really wanted to share with you a product that I have had a lot of luck with my horse and me. The name of it is, Mane 'N Tail, and it is a horse mane and tail shampoo and conditioner by the company Straight Arrow. They also sell other products as well, such as other variations and detangle sprays. I use this product every time my hoses need a bath. Whether it is the night before a show or on a sunny summer day after they got super dirty. Usually when they need more than just a rinse off after a ride. The shampoo I use all over their body to get the dirt and sweat off the horse. I do the mane and tail and all down the legs, but I avoid going around the face unless I am very careful and it looks like it may need it. The conditioner I put in the mane and tail, and then let it sit for a bit before I rinse it out. Afterwards, I should be able to comb through the tail and mane with very few knots or tangles.

This may be surprising to some, but I have also used this shampoo and conditioner for myself. It works well and I have never had problems with it. If you are interested in trying it out for you or your horse, you can get it really at any store and not just a farm supply store. I have seen it at Wal-Mart and target as well.