Thursday, March 16, 2017

Items for Sale

Hello everyone!

I have three amazing and unique products that any horse lover is sure to want. These items are available at my Cafe Press store, so please go check them out and I know you will love them. Here is the link to my shop:

I am selling a beautiful pendant that has a picture of a horse in the sun with its tongue out. This is for all those horse people that love the personalities that horses have and hoe funny they can be. It is set on a nice oval charm and an 18-inch brass chain.

Another item I have up on my store for sale is this very cute and pretty key-chain. It is a very neat little item where the charm is about .78" x .6". So it is a perfect size and isn't too heavy. The picture in the middle is of a rider and her horse riding along the road. They are riding in english, so this item would be perfect for any person you know that rides english or just loves horses. Having a key-chain is a great way to show your appreciation of these beautiful animals and a great gift for any of your friends and loved ones.

Here is another great product I am offering that none of you should miss out on. It is a well-made and durable black baseball cap that has a permanent white patch with, "Horses are my Life" written in a very elegant cursive lettering.  It makes for a great gift for any horse lovers of all riding styles.

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