Friday, March 10, 2017

Eventing (Horse Trials)

Some of you may be wondering what is eventing? What are the events that you will be doing with your horse? It is like an equestrian triathlon and I will give a brief explanation for each event. I hope this explanation will help you get an idea of what you can expect.

1. Dressage is the first event is done in an enclosed arena surrounded by some short white barriers. You will be riding your horse in a specified sequence of maneuvers that are smooth and uses a minimal number of cues to change direction or speed. The judge is looking for balance, rhythm, and that the horse is listening to the rider and they are moving with each other. This event is so important, because your horse needs to know how to move gracefully and listen to the cues you are giving.

2. The next event is cross-country where you will be riding your horse through long stretches of lawn with jumps along the way. There will be bushes, bodies of water, sand holes, logs, and other odd types of jumps that you may not see at a regular jumping show. This event takes a lot of trust between you and your horse and requires both of you to be physically fit. If the horse refuses a jump, then that is a penalty against your time. So, it is best that you practice cross-country courses prior to signing up for an event to get your horse used to this type of riding and jumping.

3. The final event is stadium or show Jumping. This is the type of jumping I have explained before and some of you have probably watched at an open show. It is done in a enclosed arena and there will be a pattern of jumps set up that you and your horse will have to get through without knocking down a jump, while keep good posture and riding well.

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