Monday, March 27, 2017

Tail Extensions

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A lot of you have probably noticed or wondered how most of the horses at a majority of the shows you have attended have very long, flawless looking tails. You might be wondering if these people know how to keep the tail looking nice, full, and long. You may be thinking there is something you can fees them or some wrap that will protect the tail from becoming damaged. While some of these techniques do work at keeping the tail healthy and strong. This is probably not the drastic difference you would be seeing at a show, what these perfect tails are a horse version of hair extensions. They are made of horsehair and come in many different colors and lengths. All you need to attach them is rubber bands to make a braid, then you will use the string to tie it into the braid and then you will need electrical tape to secure it. Keeping it hidden and looking natural can be a challenge depending on how thin you horses tail is. It is best to attach it as close and a little above the lowest point of the tailbone. Gently comb through the tail and make sure it does not show while the horse is moving around. Once you are sure it looks its best, you are ready for the show ring. This has almost become a requirement for shows today, especially the more elite ones. Therefore, if you plan on showing in any major shows, I would encourage you to purchase one of these as soon as you can before the show so you have time to practice putting it in. So if you plan on doing any showing, I would highly recommend you buy one of these for your horse. 

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