Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My top three favorite breeds of horses

Hello Everyone!

Over the years, I have encountered and been around many different breeds and sizes of horses. Breeds have their own characteristics. Like the way they ride, their temperament, and how they need to look in the show ring. Everyone has his or her favorites, including me. I have my top three breeds, which are Quarter Horse, Paint Horse and Appaloosa. I will explain a little bit about each.

Related image1. Quarter Horses are probably my number one favorites by far. I have owned two of this breed and I would get another one in a heartbeat. They come in mostly solid colors, except for a little coloring on their faces and legs. They are very smart and agile. They have the speed to do barrels and other speed events. They are great for ranch work, showing in various classes, and family trail rides. They really can be ridden in so many ways and with enough time, they can be the best partners.

Image result for paint horse2. Paint Horses are very similar to Quarter Horses in their build, temperament, and coloring.  Unlike Quarter Horses, Paints can come in color patterns other than solids. They can have patterns that are similar to some cows, so part of the horse could be white and other parts could be black, and this combination can come in several colors. They have an easygoing temperament and are good for anyone and for most disciplines.

Image result for appaloosa horse3. Appaloosas are by far the most colorful of the three that I am mentioning. They usually have a blanket of white over their rump that has the same color spots as the rest of their body. They are also sometimes covered in spots all over their body. They have a more spirited temperament than some other breeds, but after the trust is build, they can be calm companions.

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