Wednesday, February 1, 2017

About Fancy M Equestrian

Hello, I'm Fancy M Equestrian and I write this blog, Life with Equine, to help those who are considering getting their first horse, already own one, or just want to learn more about these amazing animals. I fully understand that it is sometimes hard to know what supplies you'll need when learning to care for, train, and even show horses for the first time. Horses are a huge investment and it can be intimidating at times to make the step to purchase, not just the horse, but all the necessary care items and added things that people don’t always think about. I hope to share my experiences and the many joys that come from getting involved with horses and potentially owning your own. I want to show others the fun horses bring into my life and how it can be the same for you. I'll share how to care for and train your horse using natural horsemanship methods that can deepen the bond with your horse to build an unconditional friendship and trust. I am currently a college student, but before college, I had two beautiful Quarter Horses named Memphis and Fancy that I owned and trained since I was thirteen. I have ridden in multiple shows from county fairs to local open shows over the last five years. I worked at a horse stable for over six years, where I was around horses constantly and took care of them from cleaning their stalls to feeding them individual dietary supplements. I have gained a lot of confidence from my experience with horses and I hope to give my readers the same confidence as well. Please contact me with any questions you have or if you need support.

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