Saturday, February 25, 2017

Resources for Horse Shows

Hello to my fellow equestrian!

I have written several posts what you will need and what you can expect to see in the show ring and even the tack and clothing you will need for both you and your horse. I wanted to share a little bit about each one so you have better luck at finding them later and getting the information you need.

Several weeks ago, I posted about what you will need for you and your horse to be ready for the show ring and need to purchase to be ready. In this post, I went into detail about the tack you will need for to have for the riding you want to do. I also made a list of the show clothes you will need in order to look just as sleek and professional as your horse. I covered the two major riding styles, English and Western, and even gave examples of what tack and clothing to use in specific show classes and everyday riding. Here is the link back to the post. 

Another post I did regarding shows was about the classes you will encounter at most of the shows you will attend.  I explained a few classes that I thought would help someone who may be unsure of what they entail and whether they are for English and Western riding or either one. I explained what you would expect to see in Jumping, Trail, Barrels, Dressage, and several other classes. Here is the link to my post and I hope it is another valuable resource for you to come back to.

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