Friday, February 24, 2017

Must Have Product for Your Horse!

Bottle of Wipe'n'Spray
I have tried out so many different fly repellent products for my horses that they either liked or disliked. The fly spay that I would recommend to everyone who owns a horse is Pyranha’s Wipe N' Spray.  It is in a yellow container and comes in several different kinds of containers. My favorite is the normal spray bottle, because it is easy to use and works very well compared to other spray bottles and sprays. This product contains pyrethrum-based formula that you can easily apply directly to your horse, which makes it very easy and quick to use. I have tried many variations and brands of fly sprays and this is the only one that I have noticed really keeps the flies and other insects off for a long time throughout the day. I also like how the spray bottle does not make a noise when you spray it on your horse, which makes it a great product for horses who tend to spook from the sound of a spray bottle. I have used this product daily for trail rides and for shows and it works every single time. I do recommend that if you do use fly spray for a show that it be Pyranha Insecticide, which is the same product but in an aerosol can instead of a spray bottle. This spreads an even coating on your horse without it getting the horse covered in spray marks that will not look as good in a show. It is a very popular product for show, because it leaves your horse with a nice shine when you wipe it off. I would recommend this product to anyone and it has proved itself to work every time. Here is the link to the company’s site that will let you know even more about the product and the different kinds they offer.

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