Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Must Read Blog

A blog that I found to be helpful and extremely personable that made it easy for me to relate to in many ways. The blog called, She Moved to Texas, which is the journey of a lady named, Lauren Mauldin. She shares the good and bad times of her life with horses and her posts are deep and full of truth. She talks about the financial struggles she has had while owning two horses and the hard decision it is to sell one, which I have had personal experience with, so I can fully relate. As far as showing she explains how she feels before during and after a show and says what she learned from it and how her and her horse, Simon, will grow their partnership and get even closer to their goals. Her blog doesn't just have posts on horses, she also shares her beautiful photography and vacations. The area I love most is not just how real and relate able she is for me, but also how she includes videos of her jumping and riding in shows. Jumping horses is something I love to do and seeing someone enjoy the same passion and excel at it is truly encouraging. I hope to be just as confident and strong of a riding as she is when I can ride more consistently again. Here is the link to her blog and I encourage all of you to go check her out. I know every single one of you will get something out of it.

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