Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Check Out My Post

Hello everyone!

A couple weeks ago, I made a post called, Tack and Show Clothes Needed for English Versus Western Riding, regarding the necessary tack that you would need, whether English or Western, for showing and the different types of riding you may be interested in pursuing. Overall, I went into detail about what tack you will need and the clothing that is customary for show classes. I brought up several examples of different disciplines of riding and what tack you will need for each. The western riding examples I included were Barrel Racing, trail riding, Western Pleasure, ranch work, roping, and every day riding. For English riding, my examples included jumping, dressage, English pleasure, and even every day riding just like western. Bridles and blankets are things I discussed and listed, because I know those can be sometimes confusing on what kind is preferred for the riding you think you will be doing. I wanted to share this information and link to the post with all of you again, because in my opinion it is very valuable information that some of you may not know or want to get another refresher. Learning this information and having resources to utilize in the horse world is never a bad thing and I encourage all of you to check my post out and.  Here is the link that will take you back to my post, so you can get further information on the items you will need to purchase depending on the riding you are interested in.

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